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Microsoft Business Apps:
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The world is changing, and so is technology! If you're struggling to thrive in a fast-paced market, don't worry. Perigeon will address your business challenges with Microsoft Business Apps

Business Central

Smart, AI-enabled ERP for SMBs

Outperform smartly with the ERP trusted by 96% of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Enjoy more savings with low cost of ownership
  • Boost efficiency with AI and automated workflows
  • No more manual data entry or app-switching
  • Increase revenue with precise cash flow forecasts
  • Flexibility to manage your business from anywhere

Cloud-Enabled Growth

AI-Powered Efficiency

Work on the Move

Flexible Integration

Intelligent Decision Making


Accurate financials, every time, on time

Boost ROI, Cut Risks: Automate Financial Activities

  • Real-time financial analytics for informed decisions
  • AI-driven insights for proactive risk management
  • Streamline operations and improve cash flow with automation
  • Stay compliant with ever-changing global financial regulations
  • Get a unified financial view to make informed decisions

Accurate financial forecasting

AI for risk predictions

Automated financial workflows

Regulatory compliance tools

Secure, unified data platform

Supply Chain

Secure, smart and optimised Supply Chain

Be disruption-ready, mitigate supply chain issues with Dynamics 365 SCM.

  • Boosted Performance with Intelligent Guidance
  • Proactive Issue Detection for Quality Assurance
  • Complete Visibility for Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Resource Management for Optimal Material Use
  • Maximized Equipment Effectiveness for Productivity

Strategic Supply Chain Mapping

Efficient Procurement Solutions

Streamlined Manufacturing Flow

Effective Order and Pricing System

Optimized Warehouse and Fulfillment


Close deals faster and win more customers

Leverage AI to simplify sales, convert leads fast and expand customer base.

  • Use Copilot to reduce mundane tasks
  • Ease selling with intelligent customer insights
  • Meet customer’s preferences with personalized interactions
  • Filter the right customers with AI-based scoring and visualizations
  • Integrated sales processes within the Microsoft Ecosystem

AI-powered Sales Automation

Integration with native Solutions

Data-driven sales strategies

Avail Real-time insights

Shorten sales cycle using AI

Power BI

Visualise Data, See Beyond the Numbers

Transform data into actionable insight and make data driven decisions.

  • Enhanced decision making with real-time insights
  • Improved operational efficiency with increased productivity
  • Analyse customer behavior for tailored experience
  • Simplify data visualization and report generation
  • Improves communication and enable team collaboration

Cloud-based data connectivity

Data transformation and modeling

Interactive reports and dashboards

Advanced data analytics

Fully secured data

Customer Service

Empower agents to offer great customer experience

Get advanced tools and real-time insights to build lasting customer relationships.

  • Advanced service delivery tracking and placements
  • Deliver consistent support across multiple channels
  • Personalize customer interactions through AI-Insights
  • Improved innovation with real-time feedback and analysis.
  • Enable self-service options for faster issue resolution.

Seamless Support

Enhanced Customer Accessibility

AI-Driven Personalization

Proactive Issue Resolution

Knowledge Management

Still Not Utilizing Microsoft Cloud Technology?

Don’t Worry, We are Here to Help You!

Reimagine Your Business Growing At Scale

Create a breakthrough with Perigeon expertise in delivering the right implementation, upgrade or support services. Know what your business needs.


Elevate your business with AI workflows you can trust through our Dynamics 365 implementation services. Our experienced teams excel in onsite, hybrid, or remote models, ensuring smooth and successful implementations.


Improve your business impact with our Dynamics 365 upgrade services. Trust us to expertly upgrade your legacy system, ensuring seamless transitions, minimal disruptions, and optimized operations for future growth.


Ensure long-term benefits with our Dynamics 365 support services. Our certified experts provide solutions, training, and implementation, managing your lifecycle with real-time help, ensuring 24/7 Dynamics 365 support.


Maximize your Dynamics 365 project with our expert consulting services: right software selection, accurate assessments, future roadmaps, business case creation, migration planning, health checks, and license support.


We optimize your Dynamics 365 investment with professional audit services. Starting with initial assessments to in-depth analysis, we uncover key insights and offer precise recommendations for strategic improvements.


Experience our Dynamics 365 training services alongside engaging in-person sessions and innovative experimental modules. Our adaptable programs ensure your business stays agile and responsive to market shifts, fostering growth and success.

Become An Industry Leader

By implementing Dynamics 365 Business Applications.


Scale Your Online Stores Confidently

Delivering exceptional experiences to your buyers and sellers, all in one place.

  • Seamless Order Processing
  • Smart Inventory Management
  • Efficient Shipping Integration
  • Automated Financial Insights
  • Enhanced Customer Service


Automate Your Education System with Dynamics 365

Manage staff, student and curriculum data with AI-powered ERP and CRM solution

  • Improved learning paths
  • Automated admin tasks
  • Student, Staff Management
  • Alumni Relations and Fundraising
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration


Connect, Collaborate and Overcome Disruptions

Modernise your supply chain for better visibility, planning, and efficiency

  • Minimise Unplanned Downtime
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Demand Forecasting and Planning
  • Smart Factory Solutions
  • Supply Chain Visibility


Committing to helping your business stay relevant

Grow by incorporating digital business strategy, customer experience, marketing modernization, and data and AI expertise with Microsoft's business solutions.

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Automated Workflows
  • Program Dashboard
  • Financial Analysis
  • Informed Decision Making

Not for Profit

Witness the Growth of Substance with Government-Specific ERP Solutions

Make your vision a reality by ensuring the desired performance.

  • Fundraising Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Action Dashboard
  • Consumer Marketing Journey
  • Analysis of the Impact Created

Food and Beverages

Reduce complexity, Exceed expectations

Optimise your processes to unlock unlimited growth opportunities.

  • Simplified Supply Chain Management
  • Improved Production and Quality Control
  • Automated Replenishment
  • Quality Assurance
  • Enhanced Collaboration

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