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We deliver customized global IT solutions for maximum client success, driven by top-tier customer service and cutting-edge technology.

About Us


Empowering Global Success Through Tailored IT Solutions

At Perigeon Software, we bring a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to each client, offering comprehensive IT solutions that resonate globally. Our commitment extends beyond conventional practices, encompassing the power of Salesforce, Data, and AI to craft strategies aligned with the unique objectives of each client.


Defining, Designing, and Developing Excellence with Salesforce, Data, and AI:

Meticulously defining, designing, and developing tailored solutions, we leverage the synergy of Salesforce, Data, and AI to ensure our clients not only meet but exceed their business objectives. Our mission is to be the catalyst for success, delivering IT solutions that provide maximum returns on investment.


Navigating Evolutionary Challenges

In a landscape where business and technology evolve hand in hand, we stand as a reliable ally armed with the power of Salesforce, Data, and AI. Our solutions are not just adaptive; they are anticipatory, supporting clients in navigating the ever-changing terrain and staying ahead in their industries.


Global Mission, Local Expertise

Our mission transcends borders. We strive to provide the best customer service and expertise globally. Rooted in practicality and robustness, we leverage cutting-edge web and software technologies. This commitment allows us to not only meet but exceed our clients' IT objectives, providing them with the competitive advantage needed for unparalleled success.

Why Choose Perigeon?

Unparalleled commitment to client success

Tailored solutions for global impact

Continuous evolution to tackle future challenges

Expertise driven by practical and robust technologies

At Perigeon Software, we don't just meet expectations; we redefine them. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, where innovation meets execution, and success knows no boundaries.

Our Core Values


Client Satisfaction

Our primary goal is client satisfaction. We create competitive advantages by providing realistic and enduring solutions for the long term.



We hold the belief that through the dedication of our people and well-coordinated, integrated teamwork, we can achieve extraordinary results.



Uncompromising commitment to integrity, accountability, and fairness is ingrained at every level of our organization.



We are dedicated to fostering a culture centered on the pursuit of excellence, elevating the standard of execution to new heights.



Embracing agility, we consistently strive to act flexibly and promptly to meet our objectives.

Envision with our clients

During the year, We have worked with amazing clients to enable them with enterprise level products and mobile applications. Our team of techno-evangelists has created robust and functional rich applications which gives our clients the business and competitive advantage they need to succeed.

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Voices of Satisfaction: Client Testimonials



US based Advertising Company

“Perigeon team is very detailed oriented and they think exactly the way client does. They started with a clean slate and took our requirements with an open mind. They provided rich applications more than we envisioned.”


Paul M.

Florida based pharmaceutical Company

“I am working with Ujval and his team at Perigeon since 2017 for pharmacy CRM product. We started with small feature set and now we have more than 1700+ features. We are extremely pleased with the service provided by Perigeon software. Great bunch of people."


Willem B.

Nederland based Agriculture Company

“Perigeon has been a phenomenal partner with vast experience and breadth of technical expertise exactly what we needed to launch our platform. Perigeon has an amazing team of professionals that provide unparalleled results”

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Discover how our innovative app and web solutions have driven growth for our clients. Experience enhanced engagement and measurable success. Partner with us for transformative results.