Accelerate Your Business Growth Using


Accelerate Your Business Growth Using CRM

Businesses have been transformed from the traditional on-premises CRM to cloud-based CRM to leverage cloud platform advantage like scalability, eliminating data center footprint, Availability, Easy Collaboration and quick market turn-around. Salesforce is the industry leader in adopting quick-to-implement, easily customizable, semantically integrated, and user-friendly applications which can be rolled out quickly. Intent Infoways help organizations to leverage Salesforce to achieve higher ROI by offering superior Salesforce and Cloud Consulting services.

Salesforce CPQ and Conga CPQ

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) has the ability to transform customer experience, improve internal processes and increase your bottom line. Perigeon CPQ expert team will work with you to reach your goal of digital transformation through creative CPQ.

Salesforce and Conga – both are having plans for CPQ and Billing. Perigeon's salesforce and conga certified team can help you to implement/integrate everything under one roof.

Sales Cloud

Put your customers first. Manage your sales process with accounts, leads, opportunity and more. Sales Cloud provides you with the essential tools your sales team needs to manage its end-to-end sales process.

Perigeon's salesforce cerified team can help you on quickstart implmentation or customize sales cloud based on your domain specific custom need.

Marketing Cloud

Platform for Digital Marketing. Using Salesforce marketing cloud, you can use best-in-class on-demand marketing automation. Marketing Cloud enables you to personalise customer interactions across all channels and build marketing experiences that are as unique as each consumer.

Perigeon's salesforce certified team can assist you with quickstart implementation, journey builder configuration, email/audience/social/advertising studio configuration, or pardot implementation dependent on your needs, whether B2C or B2B.

Service Cloud

Service cloud will allow you to swiftly react to change and offer trusted service from anywhere using various channels such as email, phone, website, and social media.

Commerce Cloud

With hundreds of out-of-the-box capabilities, like a commerce portal and salesforce CMS, commerce cloud enables you to start selling online quickly. It also supports smart order management, workflow management, and inventory management.

Salesforce integrates with B2B / B2C commerce channels and sales cloud to provide a 360-degree perspective.

Salesforce Lightning Platform

Salesforce's new Lightning platform has a plethora of tools and functions that not only expand your system, but also make it easier than ever to employ technology and software to achieve your major business objectives.

Have you made the transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning? The lightning certified staff at Perigeon can assist you in transitioning from a more traditional to a smoother and quicker experience.

Salesforce Health and Lifescience Cloud

Are you a patient or a provider? Are you a clinical or speciality pharmacist? Salesforce Health Cloud is a one-stop shop for everyone, allowing providers to establish treatment plans with measurable targets and analyse the patient's health timeline.

Perigeon has vast expertise in the healthcare area, which includes specialised pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, individual pharmacy, prescription administration, provider management, and the prior authorization procedure. The salesforce certified staff at Perigeon, as well as their significant experience of the healthcare area, will assist you in customising your business flow.

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