Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Unlock the power of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to streamline your operations, enhance visibility, and optimize fulfillment. Contact Perigeon today to learn more about how this flexible, collaborative, and connected platform can revolutionize your supply chain.

Empower Your Supply Chain Management with Dynamics 365

Enhance demand planning, streamline procurement, optimize manufacturing, and improve warehouse management with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Planning

  • Utilize AI-driven Demand Forecasting for Enhanced Accuracy
  • Implement Real-time Inventory Tracking to Minimize Stockouts
  • Foster Cross-functional Collaboration for Agile Decision-making
  • Optimize Production Schedules for Efficient Resource Allocation
  • Leverage Predictive Analytics to Anticipate Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Implement Dynamic Replenishment Strategies for Just-in-Time Inventory
  • Enhance Supplier Relationship Management for Reliable Deliveries
  • Utilize Data-driven Insights for Continuous Process Improvement


  • Implement Automated Procurement Workflows for Efficiency
  • Conduct Regular Supplier Audits to Ensure Compliance
  • Optimize Supplier Negotiations for Cost Savings
  • Enhance Vendor Collaboration through Transparent Communication
  • Utilize Supplier Performance Metrics for Strategic Decision-making
  • Streamline RFQ Processes for Timely Response and Evaluation
  • Leverage Market Intelligence for Informed Sourcing Decisions
  • Implement Sustainable Sourcing Practices for Environmental Responsibility


  • Implement Lean Manufacturing Principles for Process Optimization
  • Utilize Predictive Maintenance to Minimize Equipment Downtime
  • Integrate IoT Sensors for Real-time Production Monitoring
  • Implement Digital Work Instructions for Standardized Processes
  • Empower Frontline Workers with Training and Skill Development
  • Utilize Advanced Robotics for Automated Material Handling
  • Implement Quality Control Measures for Defect Reduction
  • Optimize Production Layouts for Improved Workflow Efficiency

Order Management

  • Implement Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Market Responsiveness
  • Offer Personalized Discounts to Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Utilize Order Tracking Systems for Enhanced Visibility
  • Implement Automated Order Processing for Efficiency
  • Streamline Returns and Refunds Processes for Customer Satisfaction
  • Utilize Customer Feedback for Product and Service Improvement
  • Implement Loyalty Programs to Reward Repeat Customers
  • Offer Flexible Payment Options for Customer Convenience

Warehouse Operations

  • Implement RFID Technology for Automated Inventory Tracking
  • Utilize Pick-to-Light Systems for Efficient Order Fulfillment
  • Optimize Warehouse Layouts for Streamlined Operations
  • Implement Cross-docking Strategies for Faster Product Flow
  • Utilize Automated Guided Vehicles for Material Handling
  • Implement Slotting Optimization for Inventory Efficiency
  • Utilize Voice-directed Picking for Increased Accuracy
  • Implement Cycle Counting for Real-time Inventory Accuracy

Asset Maintenance

  • Implement Predictive Maintenance for Proactive Equipment Care
  • Utilize Condition-based Monitoring for Early Issue Detection
  • Implement Asset Tagging for Enhanced Asset Tracking
  • Utilize IoT Sensors for Remote Equipment Monitoring
  • Implement Preventive Maintenance Scheduling for Equipment Longevity
  • Implement Root Cause Analysis for Issue Resolution
  • Utilize Asset Performance Metrics for Performance Evaluation
  • Implement Digital Work Instructions for Maintenance Procedures

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Boost Productivity with AI

Experience the power of Copilot in streamlining processes through natural language processing-based AI capabilities.

Accelerate Modernization with Composability

Upgrade your supply chain technology incrementally, avoiding the need for wholesale system replacement.

Adapt to Business Needs with Extensibility

Tailor standardized processes using over 5,000 developer extensibility points offered by our open platform.

Enhance Privacy, Security, and Reliability

Benefit from multi-level cybersecurity measures, robust physical management, and endpoint security, ensuring 99.9% uptime for your data.

Accelerate Sustainability Efforts

Collaborate seamlessly with our Sustainability manager to reduce emissions across your operations, from design to recycling.

Mitigate Risk through Collaboration

Enable collaboration among hybrid supply chain teams, suppliers, and customers directly within Dynamics 365.

Improve User Experience with Modern UI

Empower front-line workers with an intuitive and user-friendly interface on handheld devices for efficient manufacturing and warehousing tasks.

Get Rapid Assistance with Generative Help

Guide users through workflows seamlessly with natural language-based help, ensuring smooth operations at every step.

Enhance Warehouse Efficiency

Utilize process mining to identify and rectify warehouse process inefficiencies in real-time, optimizing overall efficiency.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Optimize inventory management with AI-driven demand forecasting and predictive analytics.
  • Seamless Integration: Unify data management and streamline workflows with seamless integration with Microsoft products.
  • Real-time Visibility: Make data-driven decisions and respond rapidly to market changes with end-to-end visibility into your supply chain operations.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Easily adapt to evolving business needs and scale operations to meet growing demands on a flexible and extensible platform.

Get Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management

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Unlock your supply chain potential with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Frequently asked questions

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management leverages AI-driven demand forecasting and predictive analytics to optimize inventory levels. It ensures efficient resource allocation, minimizing stockouts, and reducing excess inventory.

Integration with other Microsoft products facilitates unified data management and streamlined workflows across the organization. This seamless integration enhances collaboration and enables a holistic view of operations.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations, enabling data-driven decision-making and rapid response to market changes. Real-time insights empower organizations to optimize processes and enhance efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides scalability and flexibility, allowing organizations to easily scale operations to meet growing demands. It offers a flexible and extensible platform that adapts to evolving business needs.

Yes, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is designed to adapt to evolving business needs. Its flexible architecture and extensive customization options enable organizations to tailor the solution to their specific requirements.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ensures robust data security and privacy measures, adhering to industry standards and regulations. It offers multiple levels of cybersecurity, physical management, and endpoint security to safeguard sensitive information.

Microsoft provides comprehensive training and support options for users transitioning to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. This includes documentation, online tutorials, community forums, and dedicated customer support channels.

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