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Over the past five years, pharmacy stores in the US have seen tremendous growth. Every pharmacy types like Clinical, Hospital, Ambulatory, Specialty having there own requirement and workflow. Solutions available in market are not meeting these demands.


Perigeon client wanted to build a CRM which can provide a readymade solution to Pharmacy with features like EHR to Rx Management, Rx workflow for huge pharmacy, Automate Prior Authorization, Rx Delivery and Billing, Support for Clinical Encounters, Marketing and Campaign, Sales Life Cycle and many more under one roof and still customizable based on their individual needs.

CRM Modules

Plug and Play with different EHR, Remote Monitoring Devices and other third party

Third-party integrations are unavoidable in real world. The world perhaps is moving at a faster pace with substantial advancements in the technological sphere. A Pharmacy CRM is focusing on core business and provide one click integration with different third parties like


Inbuilt integration with popular EHRs and support to extend it to any EHRs


Mail Communication

Inbuilt support for SMTP based communication or Sendgrid based communication.


Incoming / Outgoing Text

Inbuilt support with Twilio and extensibility with any third party


Incoming / Outgoing Calls

Inbuilt support with Twilio and Jive. Extensibility with any third party


Remote Patient Monitoring

Inbuilt support with popular device manufacturing companies for Sugar Monitoring, Oxygen Monitoring



Inbuilt integration with srFax and extensibility with any third party


Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway integration with and extensibility with any payment gateway provider


Agile way to build the product with CI/CD pipeline

We followed agile development method to build the platform with two weekly sprint approach. So that client can get feedback from pharmacy owners, pharmacists and all different types of users. The development process in agile started with the most basic set of deliverables, followed by planning, implementing and testing the next set of features in subsequent iterations thus increasing the agility of the development team.


Rx Workflow Management

Manage different set of Rx based on category like New Rx Queue, Prior Authorization Queue, Specialty Queue or Delivery Queue

Prior Authorization

Automate PA workflow


Rx Delivery Tracking and Billing

Paul M.
I am working with Ujval and his team at perigeon since 2017 for pharmacy CRM product. We started with small feature set and now we have more than 1700+ features. We are extremely pleased with the service provided by perigeon. Great bunch of people.

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