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The team at Perigeon Software has developed a robust application that integrates Salesforce CTI with IVR. This app is designed to boost agent productivity, automate workflow processes, monitor team performance, and lower communication expenses.

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US Based IVR Company is the leading virtual phone system that assists in increasing agent productivity, automating workflows, tracking team performance, and reducing communication costs.

Client’s Vision

Client seeks an application within the Salesforce ecosystem that enables its users to communicate effortlessly with end customers directly from Salesforce. This app should automatically log all call activities, text messages, call recordings, and voicemails under "Contacts and Deals" for a seamless user experience.

Our Work

Make Calls from Salesforce

Use Salesforce's Click-to-Dial feature to reach out faster and start talking right away. Track any assignment modifications made using IVR directly in Salesforce.

Track All Your Call Activities on Salesforce

With Salesforce connectivity, you can monitor all of your call actions straight from Salesforce or the IVR dashboard. All call logs, messages, and other activities are automatically tracked and recorded in the contact's activity section. This eliminates the need to switch between different windows.

Access Call Recording and Voicemail

Eliminate the headache of looking for certain recordings or voicemails. Access them all directly from Salesforce and simplify your work.

Salesforce Integration Feature

Personalize Every Interaction

IVR instantly displays a customer’s Salesforce contact history and information when a call is connected. Agents can use this information to personalize interactions and provide optimal service.

Boost Agent Productivity

Save agents the inefficiency of switching between two applications with the ability to perform IVR's actions within Salesforce. Agents will be able to create activities and update notes without ever leaving Salesforce.

Streamline Agent Workflow

IVR’s automated workflows eliminate the need to manually enter data in two different systems. Save agents time by configuring certain IVR events to automatically trigger Salesforce actions.

Data Synchronization

IVR automatically synchronizes contacts and activities, between Salesforce and CallHippo in real-time. When agents have the most up-to-date information, they can better serve your customers’ needs.

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