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Perigeon Software's team has crafted a comprehensive platform leveraging Salesforce (Sales, Service, Marketing cloud) tailored for the education sector. This platform streamlines the leasing, acquisition, sales, and administration of heavy-duty solutions.


Subtle Insights into the Project


ECA Group stands as a pioneering education group, providing end-to-end services to students from their arrival in Australia to securing employment.


Client’s Vision!

ECA aims to develop an online education solution encompassing sales and administrative management, alongside resolving educational queries. This entails special requirements, workflow designs, marketing assets, and capturing student interactions.


Our Work!

Perigeon presented a tailored solution blending off-the-shelf components with Education essentials, including Student Management, comprehensive workflows, Automated Relevance Permissions, Communication Management with digital signature capabilities for customers, Sales, Marketing, Service, and other features, all customized to their specific requirements.

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Our End Solutions!


⦁ Asynchronous with accompanied diverse demonstration authority and other mediators

Third-party integration is indeed a reality. In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, there's a pressing need for a dedicated Education CRM focused on business supply points and seamless integration with various mediators through point-and-click fusion. This entails smooth data entry and exit, streamlined mail communication, document generation, and digital signature capabilities.


⦁ Automation by Flows/ Workflow

Consolidating disparate processes into a single cycle involves streamlining tasks such as student admission, tracking application status, and facilitating email communication to seamlessly complete the sales and service cycle.


⦁ Prepared for Lightning Experience

Utilizing the Salesforce Lightning interface, we crafted a customized and configured attractive Admission form, seamlessly integrating it into the Salesforce Experience Cloud. This form encompasses the initial sales process and delivers a modern, market-standard web look and feel.


⦁ Gather customer engagement through marketing assets

Assist clients in identifying customer interests and interaction patterns to guide them in taking beneficial actions, facilitating the next steps to enhance operational efficiency.

Tailored Customization across Salesforce Clouds!

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Our Key Integrations!

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Project Challenges and It’s Solutions!


Problem 1

The client encountered challenges in efficiently managing student leads and converting them into opportunities, primarily due to the absence of a centralized system for lead tracking and follow-up.


We've implemented lead management features within Salesforce's Sales Cloud to capture, track, and nurture leads through automated workflows. Utilizing lead scoring and qualification rules, we prioritize leads for sales outreach. Furthermore, by integrating Sales Cloud with marketing automation tools, we streamline the lead-to-opportunity conversion process, thereby enhancing overall sales efficiency.


Problem 2

The client is grappling with incomplete and inaccurate segmentation of students for their marketing campaigns, leading to ineffective targeting and low campaign ROI. Solution!


Thus, we've implemented Salesforce Analytics Cloud to analyze customer data comprehensively and establish detailed customer segments based on demographics, purchasing behavior, and engagement history. Additionally, we've developed custom dashboards to visualize customer segmentation insights, aiding in guiding marketing strategies towards targeted and personalized campaigns.


Problem 3

The client has requested assistance in managing complex document merges, including consolidating multiple quotes, contracts, and addendums into a single cohesive document for client presentations.


Leverage Conga Composer's sophisticated document merging functionalities to merge multiple Salesforce records and related lists into a unified document. Implement Conga's conditional logic and rules to tailor document content according to specific criteria, like product selections or contract terms. This streamlines the document merge process, enhancing accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.


Problem 4

Integrating with external APIs and third-party services within Lightning Web Components posed challenges due to the limited support for JavaScript libraries and integration frameworks.


Utilize Salesforce Lightning Web Components Open Source (LWC OSS) to harness the power of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and integration tools, enabling seamless integration with external APIs and services. Implement Apex HTTP callouts and JavaScript Promises to securely invoke and consume external APIs. Employ OAuth authentication and API key management techniques to authenticate and authorize API requests from Lightning Web Components, ensuring secure and compliant integration with external systems.

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