Salesforce Shots: Salesforce CPQ

The purpose of salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is to simplify complex pricing and expedite the quote-to-cash process. Salesforce CPQ software ensures that sales reps are able to configure products with accuracy and apply the right pricing & the right quantity discounts while the corresponding approvals have already been programmed into the system. CPQ helps to close the deal faster.

CPQ stands for


  • Setup Services, Products, and Bundles.
  • Show all related Options, features, rules, and attributes for Bundles


  • Formalise pricing – provide relevant and current price
  • Tackle complex pricing calculations
  • Setup variety of discounting mechanisms


  • Merge customer product pricing information into documents
  • Add terms and conditions
  • Add e-signature solutions
  • Generate the Proposal/Quote

Why do you need CPQ?

Most of the time, Sales teams are stuck relying on spreadsheets when it comes to the final stages of their sales cycle. Instead of moving on to their next deal, they might waste hours chasing down contract approvals or trying to accurately price products.

  • CPQ changes this by giving sales reps and leaders full access to the data they need to speed up even the most complex quote.
  • Maybe you’ve seen teams accidentally send out unapproved pricing or promise products that no longer exist. When companies silo data, it’s practically impossible for teams to track, analyze, or forecast accurately. To solve this, CPQ organizes data and gives sales a clear picture of what they can offer customers.
  • If you want to provide different revenue models like fixed pricing, and subscription models. You can do everything under the CPQ umbrella.

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