Salesforce Shots : Add multiple Recipients with different roles dynamically in Conga Sign URL

Problem Statement: How to add multiple Recipients with different roles dynamically in Conga Sign URL?


We can add multiple Recipients with roles and change the role while sending the mail in the Conga Sign screen. But if we need automatic role assignment in the Conga Sign, we can add multiple Recipients with roles while creating the URL for any transaction. If we are not assigning the role in URL then it will take the default role as – “SIGNER”. So, we have some examples for adding multiple recipients and assigning roles to those users dynamically.

1. Recipient 1 with default role Assignments – Here the role will automatically assign to “SIGNER”.

2. Recipient 2 If we need to add more than one Signer in Conga sign, So we have to add Recipient only without assigning the role it will automatically assign to “SIGNER”.

3. Recipient 3 with different roles in Conga Sign URL for that we must write “&CSRole” and then assign the role like “CC”.

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