Income Tax FY 2020–21 — Confused on Tax Options?

What are the biggest questions in every single salaried person’s mind?

  • How to save the tax at end of the year? Where to see the comparison?
  • Which income tax option is suitable for me? New regime or Old regime?
  • How much I can save if I do prepayment of home loan?
  • How much I will get if I invest x amount in PPF?

In market, there are many websites available but most of them are providing comparison based on statistics. End of day, You start calculating everything by yourself or end up with your friend to understand.

Why can’t we have mobile app where I can have all these options.

At Perigeon Software, we developed mobile app, named finsup, where you can do:

  • Income tax calculation for FY 19–20 (AY 20–21)
  • Income tax calculation for FY 20–21 with auto comparison of both options
  • Loan EMI Calculator with option to include different prepayment mode
  • Compare 2 Loans
  • Recurring Deposit interest calculator
  • Fixed Deposit interest calculator
  • Simple interest calculator
  • Compound interest calculator
  • GST calculator
  • VAT calculator
  • PPF calculator

You can download finsup mobile app from
Google Play Store / Apple App Store without any cost or without any registration.
finsup — EMI / Pre-Payment / Tax Calculator

Developed by perigeon software private limited — Perigeon is India based software company and having strong hold on banking, finance, pharmaceutical and manufacturing domain.

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