Salesforce Shots: No-Code Flow Testing (Beta)

In Salesforce summer-22 release, salesforce launched View Tests (beta) which will help you to test  Record Triggered Flow. In the Salesforce ecosystem, everyone knows Flow is the future of declarative automation tools. It will replace the existing workflow & process builder soon. After saving Record-Triggered Flow, click the “View Tests (beta)” button where you can create a new test. Here are easy steps:

Step 1: In the first step, You need to set the details of the test like Label, API Name & Description along with setting the DML operation (create or update) and then set the path for the test (Currently it has one option “Run immediately“).

Step 2: Here, You need to provide test data in the form of a record, and it will perform implemented functionalities of the flow.

Step 3: At last, you need to set Assertions. Here you can set multiple conditions without any limit and custom failure messages for each condition.

To check the test, You should select all tests and click the “Run” button and it will run all tests simultaneously. To run an individual test, You can select “Run Test and View Details” from the dropdown for the specific test.

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